1988年京都府生まれ加古川育ち。大学在学時にWHOLE9を結成、具象的モチーフを担当し、ライブペイントと壁画制作を中心に制作を続ける。adidas,amazon ,Redbullといった企業とのコミッションワークを請け負う。セルフワークでは写実的な人物画を通じて、強く影響の受けたHIPHOPイズムをビジュアライズすることに務める。

is an artist based in Osaka, Japan. He formed artist unit named “WHOLE9′ when he was a university student, and create his work focusing on live painting and mural painting.
They work not only on creating works of art,but on undertaking commission work with companies such as adidas, amazon, and Redbull. In Personal work, he focus on visualizing the strong impact received from HIPHOP ism through the realistic portrait of musicians

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mainly use Acrylics and sumi(china ink) on paper, wood board, or canvas

last updated January 11, 2018


Ice Cube -2017 sumi on canvas Q-Tip -2017 Acrylic and pencil on canvas Snoop Dogg -2017 sumi on canvas prodigy -2017 sumi on canvas Havocc -2017 sumi on canvas Joe -2017 Acrylic and pencil on canvas kendrick Lamar -2017 Acrylic on canvas Solange -2017 Acrylic on canvas French Kiwi Juice -2017 Acrylic on canvas Lauryn Hill -2017 Acrylic on canvas Lauryn Hill -2017 Acrylic on canvas AndersonPaak -2017 Acrylic on canvas Joey Badass  -2017 Acrylic on canvas Alicia Keys  -2016 Acrylic on canvas J.Cole  -2017 Acrylic on canvas Chance the Rapper  -2016 Acrylic on canvas Tyler  -2016 Acrylic on canvas Rocky  -2016 Acrylic on canvas Marvin  -2015 Acrylic and color pencil on canvas Otis  -2015 Acrylic and color pencil on canvas Rihanna  -2016 charcoal pencil on paper IO  -2016 charcoal pencil on paper JPzFLYer  -2015 Acrylics on canvas JPzFLYer  -2015 Acrylics on canvas JP rappers  -2015 charcoal pencil on paper Wonder Wheel  -2015 Acrylics on deck Arowana left  -2015 Ink on Paper Arowana right  -2015 Ink on Paper Maria  -2015 Acrylics on canvas 2pac  -2015 Ink on Paper biggie  -2015 Ink on Paper small  -2015 Ink on Paper adidas ZX Flux 2014 sumo3  -2015 Acrylics on canvas Sumo2  -2015 Acrylics on board sumo1  -2014 Acrylics on canvas Nina Simone MJ Curtis Mayfield Sly StoneMarvin Gaye  Gil Scott-Heron 0_4 0_3 0_2 0_1 akioX 7_0 5_1 4_6 4_5 4_4 4_3 4_2 4_1 3_1 2_2 2_1 1_2 1_1 tumblr_mufn5gaAjN1qged8ko1_500 tumblr_mufn57I5tW1qged8ko1_500 tumblr_mufn5npb3I1qged8ko1_500 tumblr_mr4ekmezwn1qged8ko1_500 tumblr_mr4enctr7S1qged8ko1_500 tumblr_mr4emw2M7J1qged8ko1_500 tumblr_mr4emhEDpY1qged8ko1_500 tumblr_mr4em2UOA31qged8ko1_500 tumblr_mg7cr719qz1qged8ko1_500 tumblr_mr4e1mSt9L1qged8ko1_500 tumblr_mr4do0nyYI1qged8ko1_500 tumblr_mr4dl5UfcA1qged8ko1_500 tumblr_mr4cyzeE5v1qged8ko1_400 tumblr_mg6wrenFBR1qged8ko1_500 tumblr_mg6wqvTt5D1qged8ko1_500 tumblr_mfp269CYLT1qged8ko1_500 tumblr_mfp262xqNL1qged8ko1_500 Exif_JPEG_PICTURE tumblr_mfp25uIFma1qged8ko1_500 tumblr_mfp25jPfbi1qged8ko1_500